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A heater consisting of directly fired heaters can be regulated with a modulating regulation system. This regulation system will automatically make air heaters adjust their burner capacity evenly to the heat requirement of that moment. This is a continuous process. For example, drying of products with strongly changing outside temperatures and humidity can be improved.

The desired temperature will be set on the regulator which will measure the temperature of the crop. A regulator controls a servomotor build on the gas pressure regulator whereby more or less gas will go to the burner and the temperature will be corrected until the set point is reached. The measured temperature can be digitally read. The servomotor and throttle of this system are also sold separately as assembled components and can be linked to a central storage computer.

Toepassingen tekening

Delivery options

The pressure regulator is available in two capacities: 20kg-40kg and 60kg propane p/h.

The power/signal is available for 230V 3p, 24V 3p and 24V 0-10V control systems. 

The standard modulating pressure regulators are suitable for direct fired propane air heaters. 

Beside the standard products with the listed specifications we can also deliver versions for other gas pressures and capacities. You can contact us for more information. 

We also deliver the necessary equipment for fire safety. For example, our gas solenoid valve optionally in combination with limit thermostat and gas detection.

Our products are used in the following sectors:

Toepassingen industrie


Boilers and burners

Toepassingen agrarische sector


Heating of stables and sheds. Drying of agricultural products.

We like to share our 25 years of experience to optimize your heating system.


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